Bill Gaunce
Breakin' My Heart
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Breakin' My Heart
2009 Bill Gaunce

I don't have silver
I don't have gold
I used to have a love
But the love went cold

I get the toaster, you get the house
You take the cat & I get the mouse
Say you're movin' uptown
where life's a little sweeter
Here's my last dime
You might need it for the meter

Hey hey have a nice day
don't worry 'bout it you're just breakin' my heart
Hey hey everything is ok
Don't worry bout it your just breakin' my heart

Now you give me 1
When you take 3
Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me

I showed you my heart
And to even the score
I got a cold shoulder
Then you showed me the door
Said I had it comin'
That there's hell to pay
I'd rather gamble with the Devil
Than to lose it this way


Next time I fall
I'll make it the last
I'm gonna sit and wait it out,
Let the feeling pass

I get behind, you get ahead
I wish you well , you wish me dead
You say you'll give a shout if things fall through
Baby don't call me and a won't call you
Lyrics Credits: Bill Gaunce
Music Credits: Bill Gaunce
Producer Credits: Bill Gaunce
Performance Credits: Bill Gaunce
Song Length: 3:33
Primary Genre: Country-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later