Bill Gaunce
Sam McDonald "The Daily Press" Based on its title, his newest disc, "B Sides and Bums: 19 Songs of Questionable Character," is a collection of extra, stray tracks. But listening to songs including the soaring "Deja Vu Blues," I'd say that Gaunce's extras are better than many songwriters' A-list material. Reviewer: Ninevolt Magazine Before "Greeting Card" was over, I was already smitten. A tour-de-force of ceaselessly melodic folk-pop that would make the Band, the Wallflowers, and Wilco proud. William Harris Reviewer: Roxanne Blanford . . . songs such as Waiting On A Train & the indelible Crown Of Thorns simply cry out for repeated rotation due to simple, well crafted arrangements . . .Bill has numerous cues placed with Pacifica Music through Studio 51 Music. Pacifica Music is a joint venture between two major Hollywood music libraries; pigFACTORY, and Riptide Music, and enjoys a very diverse group of Film, and TV clients. 2014 Bill's collaboration with Wade Mosher on their cov