Bill Gaunce
Gracie's Ridin' Shotgun DEMO
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copyright 2006 Bill Gaunce

Well Gracie?s ridin? shotgun - for her lover Fred
Whose wife?s in Jackson county - with a railroad spike in her head
And the get-away car?s a flathead - V8 Buick coupe
And the reporters at the crime scene , well, they think they have a scoop

And the night attendant winks & smiles says, ?hope you two have fun?
And they slip through to room 22 they?re livin? on the run

The rookie measures footprints for the beefy captain Ben
And says ?what size did Fred wear?? and the fat man says ?size 10?
I guess you can expect it when living by the sword
The poster said alive or dead two hundred bucks reward

And the night attendant snubs out a smoke & picks up the telephone-
Says? ?they slipped through to room 22 I?m sure they are alone.?


It was nearly daybreak at the Dew-Drop-Inn Motel
And as the cops kicked through door 22 their spirits quickly fell
Their voices echoed through the night ?it looks like no-one?s here?
But left behind was Gracie?s note beneath a six pack of longneck beer-

?too bad we couldn?t stick around, drink up you boys have fun,
Cause me & Fred have hit the road, we?re livin? on the run.?

Now Gracie?s ridin? shotgun - for her lover Fred.
Lyrics Credits: Bill Gaunce
Music Credits: Bill Gaunce
Producer Credits: Bill Gaunce
Performance Credits: Bill Gaunce
Short Song Description:
Lover's on the run.
Long Song Description:
Two lover's on the run after a murder. The law is in persuit.
Story Behind the Song:
This is a demo, another shot at a story song. Need to change some lyrics when I re-record it . . . I think $200 reward for murder is a little low . . . don't you? This happened because I originally had a wild west setting for the song, it slowly evolve
Song Length: 2:40
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: Folk-General
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Era: 1970 - 1979